Monday, March 2, 2009

Old school pic...well not that old school!

I was transferring all my files to an external hard drive just in case shit happens (my computer is my life - it holds everything from personal to work shit) and I was rolling down memory lane looking through all my flicks. Crazy how time flys by huh? Whats even crazier is while I was looking at the flicks, I couldn't help but to think... damn...when I was taking that picture I had no fuckin' clue I was going to meet so and so, or I was going to get that job...or move out...or ... well you get the point! Crazy how shit happens. I do believe matter what...good or bad...Ev-a-ry thang happens for a reason!

My little cousin and I right before I was about to head out for my 21st B-day! Damn what a night...I still don't know how we ended up at Wilmer Valderrama's house...I do know its a night never to be forgotten ;)



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