Tuesday, March 10, 2009


If you read my prior post, you know where my heads at. I just contacted my Internet provider asking if there are any other plans available being that its too expensive and I don't want to cancel it but there are other Internet providers offering much lower rates- which I have been debating for the past month or so. I told her I will cancel if I have to! I already did so with my cable. The first agent of course said no, there's nothing at the moment. So I asked to be transferred. Of course the next agent said there was and lowered my monthly rate by $25.00 dollars a month!! That's saving $300.00 dollars a year just because 1) I called to inquire 2)I didn't take no for an answer & 3) I took 5 more minutes of my day to speak to another agent who could help me out!

All I have to say is WOOOOWWW! Whats with the agents of these companies telling me they can't when they can? Why are these companies trying to cheat me out of my money? I have been paying more than I've needed to for the same exact service... SHAME ON YOU! I do believe this is why we are in the economic state that we are in..GREED! On a larger scale of course...

On another note...thanks to the very kind agent, and my kind way of telling her I will cancel if she doesn't lower my rate...those savings could go towards a hot pair of these ;)