Saturday, April 25, 2009


Love Your Body

Do you love what you see when you look in the mirror?

Hollywood and the fashion, cosmetics and diet industries work hard to make each of us believe that our bodies are unacceptable and need constant improvement. Print ads and television commercials reduce us to body parts — lips, legs, breasts — airbrushed and touched up to meet impossible standards. TV shows tell women and teenage girls that cosmetic surgery is good for self-esteem. Is it any wonder that 80% of U.S. women are dissatisfied with their appearance?

Women and girls spend billions of dollars every year on cosmetics, fashion, magazines and diet aids. These industries can't use negative images to sell their products without our assistance.

Together, we can fight back.

I found that statement above to be so true. Unfortunately, being in the Fashion Industry, I am surrounded by so many women who constantly have to maintain a certain image to continue their careers with those designers who prefer unrealistic like figures. I am very proud to say, that the Kelly Nishimoto Brand celebrates all the different types of women. 

We encourage women to love themselves, and be confident with what they have. It does not matter what shade, shape, or ethnic you are...

as you are BE-YOU-TIFUL just the way you are!!!

One of the reasons why I love the Lounge Collection so much, is that no matter what type of body you have, or size you are, all the items in the Lounge Collection look great on everyone! One of our motto's for the "Cute Booty" pants are...



Another thing I don't agree with or can't begin to understand is why all those females out there who hate on other females! Why do we have to hate, talk mess about one another, or just be plain rude? I am all about smiling, complimenting, and being encouraging to support us women as a whole, that's the only way we will become stronger, successful, and make a difference. 

Spread the word ladies :D

Here's to being BE-YOU-TIFUL just the way you are! 



Gym Life!

Being that I have just shipped out the merchandise, I am happy to say Kelly Nishimoto Lounge Collection will now be available at Equinox Fitness.

They ordered the "Cute Booty" Pants and "Social Gathering" Tank tops. Both items are PERFECT for the gym. Whether you take dance classes, yoga, kick boxing, or hitting that good old treadmill, your going to look and feel great wearing this ensemble!

I am so excited! Those of you who work out at Equinox, hit the retail store, grab yourself a set, and let me know what you think?

Their shipments should be arriving in the next week or so!

W. Hollywood - The Shop
8590 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

63rd STR - The Shop
817 Lexington
New York, NY 10065

Greenwhich - The Shop
97 Greenwhich Ave.
New York, NY 10014

Great Neck - The Shop
90 East Shore Rd.
Great Neck, NY 11030



Thursday, April 23, 2009

Real Talk.

" Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to."


P.S. I know I have been has been bananas and so has the personal life! Its been 15 hour days for the past two weeks, and it doesn't look like the load is going to lighten up anytime soon. I shouldn't complain though....there are a lot of GREAT things in the works that I will be sharing very soon :D



T-miss bussssyyy bee!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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don't be shy, I don't bite ;)



I Can Dig It...

Porsche Design is out with the new limited-edition Cayenne GTS Design Edition 3. The Cayenne follows the trend from the Cayman S and Boxster S with special dark striping on the doors and hood that contrast with the unique Lava Grey Metallic paint color. The Cayenee GTS Design Edition 3 includes 21-inch SportPlus wheels, a roof spoiler, tinted glass and special “Porsche Design Edition 3″ branding around the exterior. The interior is marked out with carbon fiber trim, black leather and contrasting red stitching. The Limited-Edition Cayenne GTS Porsche Design Edition 3 also comes with some Porsche Design accessories that include a chronograph watch and a four-piece luggage set. Only 1,000 units of the Porsche Cayenne GTS Design Edition 3 will be made. Pricing is set to start at $89,900 in the U.S where only 100 will be available. 

Yeah I'm window shoppin' and what? :D



Is it that New New?

Too bad fabulous Jewelry Designer Melody Ehsani rocked her fresh cut back in 05'

As fergie would say..." I'm so 3008, you so 2000 and late" 

Some love it, some hate it, but at the end of the really don't matter now does it!


T - Who will NOT be shaving a portion of her head anytime soon ;)

Step It Up!

Christian Louboutin

Guiseppe Zanotti


Jimmy Choo

BCBG Max Azria

Alexander McQueen

Alexander Wang

Just a few of my favs ;) Which ones do you like?



Real Talk.

"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted" - John Lennon

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Peep Her Swagga.

 Cassie rockin her new do...

Go ahead lil mama, show them whatchu workin with!




The first bag collection from Proenza Schouler PS1...

I am in LOVE!



Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Life is a crazy thing I tell you. One minute things are horrible the next, great. Everything in my life right about now is exactly that. One minute every-things great, the next, not so much. Its hard as a young women like myself who at times can become emotional, dealing with the ups and downs of it all. It's like an emotional roller coaster. I do try my very best to balance it all. It is something I am working on. 

As of now, things are great. Work is very busy as usual... therefor the lack in posts. However, there are a lot of good things to come in the near future which is awesome. I can't speak on much just yet, but as soon as its all official... you will be the first to know! I'm very excited for what's to come in regards to Kelly Nishimoto, and the empire I am building! 

The love life is always good. For the most part. Of course after 6 years of being, and living together, we definitely get on each others nerves. Its natural. I just hate when that time comes once a month when I'm over emotional and crazy about EV-ERY-THANG! I truly can not help it. The funny thing is when it is time, J says, "it's that time of month huh? THAT EXPLAINS EV-ERY-THANG" lol. I can't deny it, he is always on point.

I'm still trying to balance out the friends and fam part. If it was up to my parents, I would still be living at home. They always want me to come over, but its hard when I have so much to take care of on my days off. I try to make time to go and visit them at least twice a month. I love hanging out with, especially my niece. She is growing up so fast. 

My peeps have been trying to get me to go out. Unfortunately they have been unsuccessful.I'm more of a workaholic /home body who doesn't really care for the party scene much. When it comes to going out with the friends, I much rather grab dinner and drinks and chill. I guess at 23, I need to learn to have some more fun! I know it shouldn't be all work and no play... When they finally do convince me to go( which seems impossible to them ;) , I do have such a great time. Like I said I am a work in progress always trying to better myself in any way I can. Yes that means even realizing my flaws! 

I am trying to look at life as glass half full, instead of half empty. At the end of the day, life is too short to be anything but happy!

Yeah this post was pretty random...I know. I wanted to share what's going on with me lately. Not that much as you can see ;)  lol

Hows your week going?



Kate Moss for Top Shop

Kate Moss for Top Shop Spring/Summer 2009'



Saturday, April 4, 2009

A beautiful day in the neighborhood!

It was so beautiful out on Saturday, I decided to take Chloe to the park after I picked her up from the groomers. Doesn't she look so adorable? They always put different color bows when she gets her hair did!

I truly enjoyed this weekend.




I love this chic like a fat kid loves cake!

We have been down since birth. We have been through it all. We definitely have had our ups and downs. We agree to disagree more than often but yet we can stay on the phone for hours laughin' it up. We are opposites, but blood at the end of the day. We confide in one another, as sometimes we loose our way. We are now women who have slightly parted way. No matter how far we stray, I will always be there for her, as she will do the same! I love you Z, even if I'm horrible at showing it...please know no matter what,  I love you boo, that will never change!


T-bugeroon :)

Throwback Song of the Day...

Hope your enjoying your weekend as much as I am!



Friday, April 3, 2009

Because it's Friday!

I saw this on nebs blog and I just had to share it! Really had me lmao ;)



Real Talk.

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith.
Franklin D. Roosevelt



Thursday, April 2, 2009

What Does One TRILLION Dollars Look Like?

Check it out here!



Pure Hotness...




If I could...

I would be rollin' to work in one of these!

The book I am currently reading states in order to obtain your desires, you need to honestly visualize having them. ooh wee I definitely see me dippin' in these :)




Dear Summer.

Im ready.

Dear summer, I know you gon' miss me
For we been together like Nike Airs and crisp tees
S dots with polo fleeces
Purple label shit with the logo secret
Gimme couple years, shit I might just sneak in
A couple words and like peaches and herb
We'll be reunited and it feels so hood
Have the whole world saying "How you still so good?"
Well I do this in my slumber summer
I ain't none of these half-assed newcomers, you know how I do summer
I drop heat, when you bring the sun up
The combo make niggaz act up, I pick the gun up
Niggaz back up; they know I'm not no fronter
I don't talk shit, I just flip it +Un+ ya
Sorry Lance, I'm just trying to advance my quotes
I ain't making you the butt of my jokes
But let's not stray from what I came to say
To my beloved, think we need some time away
They say if you love it, you should let it out its cage
And fuck it, if it comes back you know it's there to stay
It's tugging, at my heart, but this time apart is needed
From the public, who should've gave me the pulitz'
Instead gave me they ass to kiss
But you know me, thugging 'til the casket dips
But still shine light down on all my peers
I know they weird... some queer, I still want them to share
And all the success I received, I know you can't believe
I still love 'em but they don't love me
They like the drunk uncle in your family
You know they lame, you feel ashamed, but you love 'em the same
It's like when niggaz make subliminal records
If it ain't directed directly at me, I don't respect it
You don't really want it with Hov, for the record
I put a couple careers on hold, you could be next kid
Keep entering the danger zone
You gon' make that boy Hov put your name in a song
If you that hungry for fame, motherfucker c'mon
Say when, take ten paces and spin
But on another note, 'bout to take another vaca'
On another boat, goddamn a motherfucker rode
His way out the hood, and I pray that I stay out for good
But any day you know a nigga could
Try and play like he Suge, then I gotta play like Dutch Schultz
You pass the dutchie, I blast you, trust me
Niggaz can't fuck with me
I'm in a good mood, you lucky, I got a good groove
And I ain't trying to fuck my thing up
But I will lay down a couple green bucks, get you cleaned up
Now I'm +Pulp Fiction+, Colt four-fifth and
Young niggaz that blast for me/blasphemy, no religion

Listen here summer baby, I just believe it's the right thing to do
I got a brand new bitch, corporate America
She showing me a lot of action right now
And I know you put me on my feet and all, but
I mean, it's time for me to grow
You gotta let me go baby, you gotta let me go

I'm done for now, so one for now
Possibly forever, we had fun together
But like all good things, we must come to an end
Please show the same love to my friends
Dear summer.

Dear Summer - Jayz