Saturday, April 4, 2009


I love this chic like a fat kid loves cake!

We have been down since birth. We have been through it all. We definitely have had our ups and downs. We agree to disagree more than often but yet we can stay on the phone for hours laughin' it up. We are opposites, but blood at the end of the day. We confide in one another, as sometimes we loose our way. We are now women who have slightly parted way. No matter how far we stray, I will always be there for her, as she will do the same! I love you Z, even if I'm horrible at showing it...please know no matter what,  I love you boo, that will never change!


T-bugeroon :)


  1. Dear Miss Dessa, you both look sooooo beautiful! Love: Evi

  2. i love the pics; you both are adorable

  3. super cute!! real friends are hard to find or should i say a real friend!

  4. aww thats so sweet!
    u girls look gorgeous