Saturday, April 11, 2009

Peep Her Swagga.

 Cassie rockin her new do...

Go ahead lil mama, show them whatchu workin with!




  1. im sorry im not feelin it she looks as if she had got gum caught on that side and all they cud do was cut it off but she sed i dont wana go all the way bald!! like who has super long hair and shaves off a random side? she shud have styled it better made it look more cool or somethin

  2. it looks fierce!
    but I have to agree, it's very good she's pretty...
    if it wasn't a celebrity im pretty sure, everyone will be pointing and laughing...
    but I'm pretty sure, she's gonna make it look hot, and others are gonna want to imitate...
    good luck to them, nice post

  3. She's just look fabulous! I hope you have a wonderful easter time Miss Dessa, love: Evi

  4. I love it. Extremely Sexy. Id do her! The 3rd Picture is my Favorite.

  5. AT first I was like why did she do that?!
    But hey whatever. its hair and it will grow back

  6. shes giving people something to rant about
    gettin her name back out there.

  7. Wow, I did not expect this!
    I don't like it, but I guess if she wanted a change ...

  8. This was random! And she looks retarded.
    She should at least shaved her whole head.

  9. what is that girl thinkin! she is not that hard lol