Friday, March 13, 2009

The Fashion Industry...

As I was viewing Louis Vuittons Fall 09' collection, I thought of this lovely documentary. I have seen it several times and enjoy seeing the creative process. For some reason I find myself watching these documentaries when the Industry has kicked my ass and I feel like giving up, which is probably every four months or so. Watching the documentaries motivates me to keep going and reminds me how fun the fashion world is... minus the bullshit of course.

Unfortunately the design/creative aspect is probably only 10% of the process and the rest is pretty much business, production, sales, marketing, etc. When I get to do the creative stuff like designing, draping, sketching, etc. I get consumed in it and absolutely love it. However, the other huge part of my job is the business side which frankly can be a pain in my ass sometimes!

Today was indeed a tough day. I am in the process of designing some new layouts, dealing with the sales for the season since its coming to a close for Spring, and had to deal with a huge problem for production which is due within the next month. Sometimes I get so frustrated because the retail stores that we sell to have no idea what it actually takes to produce the goods they order and to ship them on time. Sometimes all that hard work (which I might do a particular blog about soon) that we have to go through is for an order that has 10 pieces on it!! 10 pieces only...

I am totally aware that we are in a shitty economy and buyers are being particularly cautious with their dollars, however we are such a young company and it makes it hard for us to survive if we continue to get such small orders. In any case, we are trying to survive through this just like everyone else! Today was indeed a hard day, but I got through it and hopefully some of my problems will be resolved with my mills ( fabric vendors) and hopefully the economy will get better! One can only hope right?

P.S. The latest update with the us is....The Kardashians love the "Cute Booty" pants!! They are now carrying us at their retail store DASH - We are so appreciative of all the stores who continue to support us...THANK YOU!

Here is the documentary that I was telling you about...this is just a small aspect of what the industry is really like! Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton Documentary...

I will never give up..I love fashion too damn much!!

Well I'm off to bed. I have to get up in four hours to hit the gym and start my lovely day ;)



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