Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Real Talk!

If you wish to be successful, help others to be successful.
If you wish to help others to be successful, be successful

Success does not occur in a vacuum. Success is most reliably
created in a successful environment.

One person’s achievement does not prevent or detract from
anyone else’s opportunity to achieve. Quite to the contrary,
every achievement creates more possibilities for all to

There’s no reason to feel guilty for having achieved more,
and there’s no reason to feel envious for having less.
Instead, be inspired by every achievement you see, and be
inspiring in your own creative efforts.

Envision, create and achieve in your unique way. Encourage
and celebrate the work of others who seek to do the same.

Success is not built on envy or resentment or punishment or
guilt. Success is built upon success, so let the building

Ralph Marston


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