Saturday, September 12, 2009

All Day Every Day: HOVA!

I must say that Mr. Carter is seriously in a league of his own. There are some who attempt to get on his level, unfortunately the moment they do try, he's on to the next! He is what you call progression at it's finest. I applaud him yet again for the way he is shaping Hip Hop, and leading those who follow and look up to him towards the right direction.  For him, it's not a story of simply rags to riches. He is using his elite stature to do much more than make good music, and for that, I truly admire him. 

Check out this great interview with none other than the talented Mr. Sean Carter!

Annnnd for those of you who missed this superb concert that took place at Madison Square Garden, you can catch the encore here! 

Feeling so inspired,

Garment Vault

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