Thursday, September 24, 2009

Real Talk: Every Little Step!

Look around at all the great accomplishments in your world. Each one, from the most simple to the most complex, was completed one step at a time.
An ambitious goal is nothing more than the joining together of many smaller goals. The small results may not seem like much, yet they are absolutely essential.
For it is upon those small results that the big results are built. And in that fact is a wonderful world of outstanding possibilities.
Do not back away from ambitious goals. Instead, look within them and break them down into small, easily manageable components.
Complex, massive success is nothing more than small, simple success carried out again and again with commitment and focus. As such, no goal is out of reach when you are willing to invest patience and persistence.
Choose your goals based not on how difficult you perceive them to be, but on how much they truly mean to you. When you're fully committed to every little step, anything can be yours.

-- Ralph Marston


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