Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Real Talk: What Dreams Are Made Of!

Dream big dreams, and set magnificent goals that take your breath away. When the going gets rough, the small, relatively meaningless goals are too easy to abandon.
The big, authentic dreams, on the other hand, will compel you to move forward. They give you solid reasons to work persistently through whatever challenges may come.
You can choose which dreams to follow. So make those dreams big enough to overpower any difficulty.
Make them dreams that faithfully express who you truly are. Make them dreams that resonate perfectly with your highest vision of the best that life can be.
When you get knocked down by disappointment, it's important to have a dream that will compel you to get right back up. When obstacles block your path, be sure that you're carrying a dream that will show you the view from a higher perspective.
Move constantly toward the best you can imagine. Hold on to those dreams that point the way there.

-- Ralph Marston

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