Monday, March 22, 2010

Real Talk: Does Time Define Us or Do We Define Time!?

Time: a momentpointpoint in timeoccasionhourminutesecondinstantjuncturestage. 

Time has a great impact on ones life. Whether that be an hour, day, week or even a year. I will be turning 25 this year and I find myself thinking about time, life, happiness, and family more than ever. Its been an ongoing search/discovery for the past 5 years. When I was younger I thought my life would be very different. I thought I had all the time in the world to do whatever, whenever I wanted. As I started to get older I started to realize this was not true. See, even though time is documented, time is still invisible. You don't find yourself staring at the clock every second of every day for the entire year. You glance at it one moment, and by the next moment you  look back, that time has passed and will not return and all while not even noticing. What you did in that time may or may have not be important but it doesn't matter because that time has already passed.

Time is linked with everything. All of your decisions are based off of timing if you really think about it. When you wake up, sleep, shower, work , eat, go, love, marriage, kids, vacations, etc. Everything revolves around time.

Which brings me to my question that has had me thinking lately. Is there really such a thing called good timing? There were some events that took place a few years ago in which I had to make some important decisions. I based those decisions off of timing. I felt as though it was not good timing to proceed down a certain path. Years went by and I find myself at another place where I might have to make a difficult decision. Now there is no doubt my life has changed substantially in the past few years, but I still don't find myself at the ideal timing to make that decision. When I compare the time then to the time now, it makes me wonder if there ever will be a right timing for something or is it you making it the right timing for something by just doing so because that's what was destined to be??

Time seems to be flying by in comparison to when I was younger. One being that I have much more responsibilities, the other being that life seems a lot more complicated in general. Who ever said it gets easier as you get older obviously was either on drugs or delusional because they LIED! lol

Time is complex and quite difficult to figure out when pertaining to your life decisions.  I'm sure as time goes by, it will have a way of working itself out in conjunction with my decisions...

Do you believe in good or bad timing? Does time define us or do we define time?

Anyway, I may have made absolute no sense but i believe it writing how I feel whether it makes sense or not ;)

it's all a matter of time,

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