Monday, March 8, 2010

Real Talk: Live Beyond Fear!

There is real treasure at the center of your being. Yet fear can keep that treasure hidden and inaccessible. Fear of failure can keep you from taking the steps necessary to succeed. Fear of being wrong can prevent you from making the choices that are truly right for you. Fear of loss leaves you unable to win. Fear gives power and influence to whatever it is you fear. Yet fear can exist only when you view life through the narrow window of your ego. Get beyond that ego, and fear no longer has any place to inhabit. When you view the rest of life as being separate and disconnected from you, that provides fertile ground for destructive fear. The more fully you realize and the more deeply you understand your connection to all that is, the more quickly the fears will vanish.Stop listening to your ego and you'll stop being a prisoner of fear. Think and act and feel beyond yourself and you'll live well beyond the fear.

-- Ralph Marston


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