Monday, March 22, 2010

Imagery: Nature!

For all I can remember I was never the outdoor type of girl. I really didn't gain anthing per se from mother nature other then LOVING the rain. 

As I'm getting older, I have noticed a lot of things are changing about myself. Things I didn't like when I was younger I seem to LOVE now a days. One of the things I find surprising is my new found love for nature and all its simplistic beauty it has to offer.

The other day I was in the worst mood ever driving home from work. My thoughts were racing as they usually do on my drive home, when I realized it was still light out side, and the route I take is beautiful. I usually race home because who really wants to stay on the road? but for some reason I was driving slower than usual and took in all the beauty nature had to offer. Before I knew it, my bad mood had disappeared. I was so taken back by the scenery, that my mood completely changed and I started to smile.

How could I not smile. The mountains were fully covered with mossy green grass lighted by a bright blue sky. I felt as though I wasn't even in southern cali, it was so beautiful. I wanted to stop and take some pictures but I didn't have my camera on me so I plan to next weekend on my way home. It's crazy because I find myself taking more interest into my mothers amazing garden, asking her all kinds of questions regarding her plants, etc. Who knows I might even take us some gardening in the near future. My mother always says that gardening is the best medicine for a happy mind. Maybe I am just getting old, but I am definitely not entertained by the same things I was 5 years ago...

I found some pics of the back road I take home so you can get a glimpse of what I am talking about...

Maybe i've been distracted all these years from nonsense that I am now finding the true meaning of beauty and it is all natural - as it was destined to be. 


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