Saturday, March 20, 2010

Men Vs. Women: Language Barrier!

The other night I was having quite the interesting conversation with 
my guy friend and boyfriend about men and women. A rather popular 
topic indeed, but almost always ends in confusion. 

What I realized from this conversation, which I have known for quite 
some time, is that women speak a language men can't seem to 

For instance, my friend was telling me about a text he received from a
girl he was dating. Apparently, he took the message out of context 
which I believe is one of the biggest problems when it comes to 
men & women.

The messages go a little something like this....

Her: Hi, how are you?

Him: Hi, I'm good just have so much to do still before work. I still need to run some errands before I leave to vegas this weekend.

Her: do you work today?

Him: yes

Her: what time?

Him: 3

Her: you still have time take your shirt in the car

Him: Huh???

Here is where the language barrier kicks in. Most women including myself seem to speak in code, and that code being incomplete sentencesAs incomplete as it sounds, we still expect most to understand us. Funny thing is, when we speak incomplete sentences with other women they understand just fine. Thus creating the ongoing problem. Maybe it's because most men DO NOT pay attention to the whole conversation as they tend to tune us in and out as they please...then wonder why they are confused in the end. The combination of both leads us to a language barrier!

My friend and his girl already have some communication issues as she tends to be hot and cold and doesn't like to express her emotions...

His interpretation of that text: Obviously she was texting with someone else and she sent it to me on accident because that just made no damn sense. Maybe it was some other dude she's talking too...

I then preceded to ask him what time she sent that text at,  and he replied 9am. I then said "ummm, I don't think she was texting someone else, she was texting you retard!" LOL

My interpretation of that text: basically she was saying that you still have time to run some errands being that its 9am then and you don't go to work until 3pm. Take your uniform in the car with you and just change on your way to work so you can get your shit done in time. 

He was like "ohhhhh", with a very confused/smile on his face. "that might very well be what she meant, but how the fuck am I supposed understand all that with that text message."

Now all my ladies who are reading this might be like "DUHHHHH!!!" but men seriously don't understand our language or incomplete sentences rather.  What she should have wrote was "you still have time to run your errands just get ready before, take your work shirt with you in the car, and change on your way to work once your done running your errands." Thats a lot to say in a text message right? YEP! Which is why I believe text messaging could be a gift but also a curse to dating!

When you communicate via text messaging versus a phone conversation, you can't decipher the tone, or emotion behind the words of text message as you would with a phone conversation or better yet, face to face.

This is seriously just one of the billions of examples that occur on a daily base between men & women. The sad thing is a lot of unnecessary problems occur from harmless conversations....

My advice to men: pay attention, and to women: speak in complete sentences, and to all: less text more phone and or face to face ;) 

I'm curious to know how others view this situation so all comments are welcome!!



  1. OMG that is so true!!!
    The number one issue the lacks within a relationship is always COMMUNICATION!
    Woman do tend to not really express the way they feel and out of frustration we either don't finish the sentence we were about to say or just say "never mind forget it"
    And men on the other hand are always so clueless when it comes to us, and I don't blame them either when they get tired and annoyed at that but what they should do is just try to understand us...

    I think us woman do that because we kind of want the guy to beg us.. well not beg us but acknowledge us more and when they do constantly ask us it makes us feel more secure and makes us feel loved in a strange way.. lol I don't know hahahaa

    But agian great post! I loved it :) as well as the text convo thats so funny! cause I was like OBVIOUSLY towards the end when yu explained it to yu guy friend lol

    xxxo Huney

  2. Thanks lovie! I too speak in incomplete sentences to the bf sometimes and he looks at me like I am crazy! LOL I think the key to a solid relationship is learning how to speak the same language! 7 years later and we are still a work in progress...