Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Real Talk: Stay Focused!

Thousands of possibilities stream past you every day. You cannot possibly connect with, or even take notice of, most of those possibilities. So which ones do you see, and which ones are you able to fulfill? The possibilities you'll connect with are the ones that most closely align with your thoughts and your actions. Your thoughts have an incredibly powerful influence on your life, but not because those thoughts cause anything to happen on their own. Rather, certain specific thoughts enable you to tap into, and to successfully follow, certain specific possibilities. The life of your dreams is manifested not by calling upon some dark and mysterious secret power. Your dreams will be fulfilled when you tune in to and align the substance of your life with those dreams. Somewhere, in some form, every thing, every experience, every circumstance you can imagine already exists in some form or other. By focusing the energy of your life on your dream, you'll be able to successfully assemble all the pieces together. The very best possibilities for your life are already coming your way. Focus on them with sincerity and commitment, and you'll soon be moving forward right along with them.

-- Ralph Marston


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