Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Limelight: All That Glitters is Not Gold! Pt. 2

I'm sure most of you have watched Rihanna's 20/20 interview by now, and for those who haven't - google it. I decided not to post it being that it would simply disappear due to copyright infringement. In any case, throughout the entire interview, I felt as though she wasn't being one hundred percent honest. I am in no way excusing ones behavior, nor do I a think it is right to ever hit a woman, however I do believe it takes two to tango. After viewing this video below, it made me think even more so. If you view the behind the scenes video, you view a young woman who is anything but timid really. It's hard for me to believe someone with such self confidence & feminine power, would sit back and allow someone to brutally hurt them without throwing some punches back...

Do I think she deserved it? Absolutely not! Do I think there is more to the story then what she stated? Quite possibly, however truth be told it's really none of our 
business to ever really know ;) 
This is simply my observation to another... What do you think?


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