Monday, May 3, 2010

Online Sale: Going, Going, Gone!

I started the online store, as an experiment and also to house my own personal designs when they were ready. Since that venture started some new opportunities came a knocken and designing took far more of my time then anything else. In result, I've had to put the online store and it's growth on hold until I have some more time. Some major things are in the works so be on the look out! 

I need to make room and get rid of all my stock! The thing about buying wholesale is you have to buy a lot of a style to purchase it wholesale... so fortunately for you, I have some cute spring/summer dresses in stock that I am letting go for almost the cost of goods....Plus, I need the dinero! Fabric, patterns, notions, etc are NOT cheap. Designing a collection is quite expensive...

Sizes Small/Medium/Large Avail...
Email: to place order!

Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Trend: Florals

The spring catwalks were bursting with pretty petals!

                     Girlie - Blue $15 + shipping

          Electric Lady-Land - Pink $15 + shipping
              Girlie - Pink $15 + shipping

Girlie - Blue Peacock $15 + shipping

Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Trend: Draping

Softly draped dresses, jumpsuits, and skirts floated down the runway...

All Grown Up - Black  $15 + shipping

All Grown Up - Black  $15 + shipping

Freakum - Purple Haze  $15 + shipping

All Tied Up - Violet  $15 + shipping
Strike A Pose - Cobalt Blue  $15 + shipping
Deja Vu - Rasberry  $15 + shipping
Deja Vu - Black  $15 + shipping

Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Trend: Cut - Outs

Sporting cut-outs in your ensemble adds a subtle sexiness to your look, 

emitting taste and class, and leaving something to the imagination...

Sassy - Aqua $15 + shipping
Sassy - Cobalt  $15 + shipping

Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Trend: Animal Instict

Designers are taking a walk on the wild side this season with exotic jungle

 prints in numerous of colors...

Chic & Sleek - Red/Gold  $15 + shipping
Chic & Sleek - Blue/Gold  $15 + shipping
Fierce & Fabulous - Black  $15 + shipping

Short & Seductive - Black  $14 + shipping
Crush - White/Black & White/Charcoal  $12 + shipping

Prim &  Proper - Gray Sky $15 + shipping

Everything must go,


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